Doppler Trade is a one stop solution for all connectivity services.We provide Network and security Design, Internet of Things,Smart solution, Video Surveillance and Access Control, internet connectivity for Rural & Wireless backhaul and Access.

Our wireless service is used by a wide range of companies. It has been able to connect people and has brought the world close. The iot services we offer provide you control and manage the devices with faster data extraction. Your company, assets and information are kept safe via surveillance and access control system. The growing demand of data security is what we focus on. Our company also assists you in designing a network with proper planning and implementation of computer network infrastructure. Telnet Solution overall empowers people from rural areas by providing the internet services.

Our company is providing services continuously to not just connect people but also to make the internet access better, faster and reliable to individuals despite their geographical location. We have a team of expertise and professionals to meet your expectations. And, our main target is to provide well known products and serve you.