Over the last decade municipalities have installed video surveillance and access control systems to secure their systems. Today’s traditional surveillance and access control systems require synergy; however, the traditional security industry has continued to provide standalone proprietary systems. We provides security solutions that are non-proprietary, efficient, and cost effective and are integrated with your  system.

We  can provide your facility with surveillance and access control systems that precisely match your needs. With support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, CCTV equipment, and access control hardware, our systems may be easily expanded or modified to adapt to future requirements.

Until recently, system integration was unknown in the video surveillance and access control system field. System integration is the process of combining different hardware and software products from multiple vendors into a single cohesive system. With over 10 years of system integration experience, We can integrate video surveillance and access control systems into your  organization. With fewer systems to maintain your operators and maintenance personnel can focus on monitoring and controlling your treatment facilities – not on troubleshooting separate systems supplied by a variety of vendors.

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